Paul Bretherick
Independent Business Consultant
Bremah Limited
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Dynamic Web Pages, data in the Cloud... Built from an existing database or data model.. Takes about five days to  create a simple (ten data tables) web based system from scratch..

Paul has worked in business for over thirty years, fifteen years for a large Management Consultancy and over twenty years through his own company Bremah Limited.

Paul started his career when disc drives were the size of washing machines and computers needed a  large air conditioned environment. He has kept his interest in the technical advances made over the years whilst building his business expertise.

Experienced at business and software evaluation across a broad range of environments

Excellent client and stakeholder relationship building skills

Paul has worked at all levels from Project Manager to software developer.

Paul continually investigates new ideas in the use of technology and business practices in order to provide cost effective solutions for clients.

Paul is currently working on an Internet based application to build dynamic web pages directly from a data model or existing database. This will provide clients with a low risk opportunity to investigate ‘Cloud’ computing and a pricing model based on transaction volumes (Sold as a Service SaaS) rather than an annual licence fee. 

Telephone : 0161 439 2956        Mobile : 0797 320 6327